Omo9jatoja Fans Rewards for the first 5yrs anniversary

It’s 5 years now that we have join the Nigeria bloggers/blogging platform, we believe without you there is no us.

Y’all will be wondering that what are we up to! actually, we just want to be grateful with the little token we earn.

Pls kindly read how it works number below ⬇ 

(1) you will make sure that you got the highest number of comments on each of our posts. Our seo status will show the person with highest number of comments.

(2) your comments must include your name and email address. 

(3) your comments must be meaningful and again you will need to mention our hastags ”#Omo9jatoja5yrs” in each of your comments. 

(4) your comments must be related to what the post/article is saying.

After all this has been placed in other then wait until we release our winners list 📃 mind you, we may not be able to contact you… Just make sure you read our blog recent post, the winners list will be there. Thank you for your time and effort

SIGNED: Ogunsipe Oluwaseun  Isaac

(ceo Omo9jatoja & Co’s) 



Drop your comments below!

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