About Us.

Omo9jatoja is a site that gives useful informations on educational tips,technology,gist,betting tips,news,sport,entertainment,music,games and lots more.

The name “Omo9jatoja” was founded by Ogunsipe Oluwaseun Isaac in the year 2011 wish equally goes for the following as meanings :-

Omo – Child

9ja- Nigeria

To- That is

Ja- Smart

It means “Nigerian child that is smart” in sentences  . This site was created firstly on a mobi platform before we transfer it to wordpress.com by Ogunsipe oluwaseun isaac  

How i found/create the name

  1. Earlier in the year 2011 i woke up just one day and something said to me go and use “omo9jatoja” as your blog name, which i already have a plan of creating blog but I got no name then to use