Here are tips to keep your hair natural

Are You keeping your hair natural? there is this trend going on where everyone seems to be going natural, the old gals, the young girls ,everyone. I personally think it’s good that we are all trying to embrace our natural and truly African side.

People are not only keeping their hair natural, they are styling it in different fabulous and sensational ways. And this kinky haired Women just keep on surprising me with their new, beautiful and unique hairdo’s which make me feel so glad that I went natural, it’s like I see their hair and I’m like “I am so going to try this when I get home” and so the trend continues and we Africans are getting more accepting of this wonderful phenomenon, everyone now wants to ditch those chemicals (relaxers) that may or may not contain lye which is bad for the scalp.

But the truth is and I’m speaking from experience, after we go natural we start to realise that we are not satisfied, we want more, we want long natural hair because we realize the reason we relaxed our hair in the first place was for longer more manageable hair but for this “long soft natural hair” we actually have to put in some effort ,don’t just wash it with bar soap and fix a weave – on.

It might be a tad bit more expensive than what you’re used too but the result will be worth it and you’ll probably fall in love with your curls like I have mine, our hair grows every month so your hair is always growing you just need to retain length, when you go natural healthy hair should be your goal ,and everyone can have long hair it’s not just for some people, I’ll give up some tips to get that long hair you’ve been dreaming of (ok maybe not the Rapunzel length hair of your dreams but long) and even if your hair is relaxed this will work for you too.

Here Are The Tips 

Moistureour African hair needs moisture, it’s a little dryer than straight hair so we need too make sure it has enough moisture ,you can do this by conditioning your hair with some leave in conditioner ,you can buy this in any mall or supermarket and just work it into your scalp and roots you can also do a deep conditioning treatment every 1-2 weeks, you can either buy this treatment or make it, if you make it you need to find what ingredients work for you. I can give you guys some recipes later you can also try the loc method which is basically mixing water, oil (no not vegetable oil) and a shear butter together then putting it on your scalp.

Drink enough water: I have explained why you need this in my last article, it is a must for your body ,it cleanses your body and detoxifies it, 2 litres or 8 glasses, it is good all round so drink up guys.

Protective styling: so from the name you can imagine what I mean, they help protect your length and your edges from disappearing ☺ styles like this range from box braid to twists out (I’ll write about how to do some of them later) and they help to lock in moisture.

Detangling: this is very important. when you don’t detangle well you don’t retain any length and your hair cuts there is also something called single strand knots, your hair strands have knots in them this is something cause by not detangling well, to detangle your hair properly you need a wide tooth comb or a weave-on brush/denam brush (I prefer the weave-on brush) then you add conditioner or water and detangle first from the tip then to the roots section by section. And next time your stylist is using a tail comb to comb your hair scream no.

Trimming those ends: ikr I had that reaction too I mean you are probably like “are you seriously telling me to trim my hair?” well I am, every now and then we have split ends and they can cause breakage which is a terrible no no so every four months try to trim those ends just close your eyes and don’t think about it ,probably don’t do this by yourself ask your stylist to help you.

Sleep and eat well: eat good healthy food and Sleep well if your body is healthy then your hair is healthy.

Try using this tips and tell me your experience I’ve been natural for like 3yrs only one yr with proper hair care and now with just ten inches of hair but it’s still growing so feel free to ask questions.


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