Fitness,health and excercise : here are general tips you need to know

Today on lifestyle we are going to talk about fitness, health and exercise. I’m going to give you guys some free and very useful tips to help improve your lifestyle.Let’s be honest with ourselves.As Nigerians, how many times do we exercise? For how long do we exercise? What do we eat? How much of it do eat?

These are some questions we really need to ask ourselves. Some of us are going to think to ourselves, “who has time for exercise, I’m so busy already” or “I’m already slim, exercise is for fat people”, but all these shouldn’t be excuses. We should be able to make time out for exercise and being slim doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fit.

Being fit makes us feel confident about ourselves by knowing that our bodies are functioning optimally and that we are healthy. So let me give you those tips that will make you feel whole and healthier.

General tips to help you keep fit

Eat healthy: eating healthy requires commitment and sacrifice. It means eating different things that are good for your body. Eating healthy however does not mean you starve yourself. There are so many new and exciting ways to eat healthy that aren’t all that expensive. And if it feels more expensive than eating junk food, think of how much you’ll have to pay if you end up having to treat diabetes, high blood sugar or liver and heart issues later in life. Go online! We are in the era of technology. There are so many free recipes for healthy dishes that are delicious and appetizing. Always remember too much of anything is bad. When you eat too much healthy food, it becomes unhealthy. YOLO – You Only Live Once, so every now and then treat and indulge yourself.

Drink water: most people don’t consume enough water. The prescribed intake of water is 8 glasses daily, yet most people don’t drink up to this. Water is very important to the body- it cleanses and hydrates it. People work all day and we need to be fully hydrated to fully function. So get a water bottle, measure with a glass cup, fill it up and take it with you to work. Every hour or so take a sip and you will see the difference in no time. Add a bit of flavour with a dash of lemon juice if you wish.

Reduce your soda intake: sodas are sweet and we have so many different kinds of them such as Fanta, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Big cola and so on. Also known as diabetes in a can, these sodas are terribly unhealthy for the body because of the chemicals they contain and their sugar content levels. I would advise you to stop taking it all together and replace them with natural juices that are just as sweet.

Stop taking alcohol: there are so many reasons to stop taking alcohol. Some may say it helps the heart but its cons outweigh the pros. Alcohol is said to weaken the immune system over time thereby making it easier to contract diseases. It can also increase the risk of mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer. Alcohol weakens the heart and can lead to a stroke cardiomyopathy and high blood pressure. It also causes the pancreas to release dangerous toxins that may cause pancreatitis. Think about all these when next you have a bottle in your hand.

Sleep: sleeping is something everyone needs and it is very important that we have adequate rest. So indulge yourself and snooze a little more. There are so many benefits of a good night sleep. It helps reduce your risk of heart problems, it helps you concentrate better and learn more effectively, it makes you refreshed, and when you wake up it helps lose weight faster. In fact, studies show it actually helps you live longer.

Exercise: this is something we all need. If you don’t have time for it every morning it doesn’t matter. You can make up for that by doing some cardio exercises when you wake for about ten minutes. It helps kick start your metabolism. Some cardio exercises to do include jumping jacks, skipping (you don’t have to use a rope), jogging at a spot or just jumping. Always remember to drink water when you’re done to help rehydrate your body. Do all this before you eat then go to work with your water bottle. At night before you got to bed, do some weight loss exercises if you want to shed those extra pounds. In my next article, I’ll give tips on the dos and don’ts of how to lose weight effectively.

Thanks and have  a nice day! 



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