💳 Dammy Krane Sent Back to Jail Despite Pleading ‘Not Guilty’ to 9 Counts of Fraud

Dammy Krane and his accomplice Chukwuebuka have been sent back to jail pending next bail hearing. According to SDK, the singer and Chukwuebuka who is reportedly Krane’s show promoter, appeared in court yesterday for their bail hearing. While Chukwuebuka filed paperwork saying he is indigent, Dammy Krane pleaded not guilty to all the counts.

You will recall that the singer and his accomplice were arrested last weekend after a private jet service company alerted the police that the singer booked for a flight using a stolen credit card.

Sources revealed that the judge went through Chukwuebuka’s documents and found that he has no money or property in any bank, and so was sent back to jail. Also, the judges went through the paperwork provided by Krane’s attorney which shows the discoveries the police made on his cellphone.

No member of Krane’s family or record label was present in the court.

Sources added that the judge stated that any money to be paid for Krane’s bail must be verified as coming from an honest source. The two suspects were provided defence attorneys, one of whom is reportedly free from the government.

Meanwhile, the singer was also sent back to jail pending his next bail hearing set for June 22.

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