RRS reveals those behind kidnapping in Lagos

The spike in the spate of kidnappings in Lagos has continued to pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of citizens across the State.


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As a result, the Lagos State Government enacted the Anti-Kidnapping Law which approves of a death penalty for anyone found guilty of a kidnap offence in the State. The law was enacted to curb the menace that has already eaten deep into the fabrics of the society.

This development however, has not helped curb the rate of kidnap in the State with residents living under distress.

However, the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) attached to the Lagos State Police Command have continued to fight the spread of crimes, robbery and kidnapping in the State to ensure safety of life and properties.

Commenting on those behind abduction across parts of Lagos, the RRS Commandant, ACP Disu Olatunji said in an interview that “the set of people behind kidnapping in Lagos are not from here. They are people from far places who have settled into Lagos and after a while, took up arms to terrorize the neighbourhood.”

“These people are the Ijaws, Arogbos, Ondos, and from the waterfronts. They operate mostly in the creeks of Lagos because that is where they can perfect their crimes. They would leave their boats on the waterfronts and come into the community to mix with people while gathering information,” he continued.

In addition, the RRS Commandant commended the government for the brave effort during the aerial bombardment across the creeks of Lagos in 2016.

“The aerial bombardment operation was a good one in Lagos and it brought calmness to the State. During that period, these criminals moved out of the creeks completely and the State was safe for all of us,” ACP Olatunji said.

He however urged residents to report any suspicious movements in their neighbourhood to security agencies to enable prompt action.

“When you see anyone dressed in suspicious military uniform and any form of clothing you are not used to combing the waterfronts or your neighbourhood, please endeavor to report to the nearest security agency around you,” he advised.

Source: inside mainland


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