Top 5 Characters Of A Typical African Child, We Are All Of Guilty Of Number 3

Africa, the  second-largest and second-most-populous continent in the world is one of the best continents on the face of the earth. Aside from the fact that Africa is a blessed country with lots of goodies, the creatures God gives the place is something else they are brainy, talented and can beat anybody from other continents in all aspects of life.


However, kids in Africa are one of the most hilarious in the world, from sharp brains, to special talents and many ore astonishing features African kids posses. But there are some certain characters you will see in all African homes. Let’s go.


1.Morning Cries:

This one got me thinking aloud that what is really the problem of these kids, if you live in a house full of mothers especially the kind of house they refer to as “Face Me I Face You”, you would agree with me that once it’s morning, the cries of these kids will keep blooming from every angle for reasons best known to God and probably their mothers.

One of the reasons is taking bath for them in the morning which the kids  find disturbing to their existence, some of them hates the touch of water early in the morning and they would feel it’s wicked for mothers to force them to take bath as early as that. I trust our mothers, it’s not enough reason for them.

2. Covetousness

If this isn’t in your kid then he must have been a descendant of another continent, you give an African kid a sandwich to them, while still eating eat, they are already crying for bread they see in your hand. The most annoying part is requesting things from visitors. Damn African parents hate it so much that you can receve the beating of your life when the visitor actually leaves.

3. Bed-wetting:

Lol. 90% of African kids under age 8 falls here. They will never wake up without he stinking smell all over their clothes. The reason is known, they have urinated during the night involuntarily. I hope one day they realize it’s a bad habit and stop walking around in the morning with the new body odor they gave themselves during their sleeps.

4.Strange Sleeping Attitude

Have you ever experienced looking for a kid for some minutes and later find out the kid is already in a strange place sleeping. Some can sleep in some unusual places. You see some sleeping at the door entrance, on the floor The one that you would find embarrassing is when your neighbor brings your kid that he has slept on their cushion sets while playing with them. I bet yoruba parents would still beat their kids for this the following morning.

5.Sharp Retentive Memory:

One of the blessed features 0f African kids, tell them the name of that uncle and whenever he comes back, they will tell you the name you told them. Do bad things in their presence and they will practice it within themselves. But please. Don’t tell African kids bad things about someone, they will repeat all what you said i that person’s presence when they come back. A typical example is Emmanuela. 😀


Our African kids are so blessed with many characters and it’s one of the reasons Africa breeds one of the best humans. So tell me, which of these features did you possess when you were kid? Don’t lie



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