9ja support Adejola Adebisi Abdulhameed financially

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My brother, and Senior colleague, Adejola Adebisi Abdulhammed, is a 500 level student of the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM), Ikeja where he currently studies Medicine and Surgery.

his image will come up here soon

He has been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), a disease in which the kidneys have failed in their functions and need replacement (transplant). He
therefore needs urgent RENAL TRANSPLANT Scheduled for November 2016 to keep him alive and give him a hope for the future.

his image will come up here soon

To this end, we humbly call on you to show him kindness, love, and empathy in this trying time. Please support him with whatever you have at this time. Help put a smile on his face and restore him to his normal state of health. I do not want to lose him, and you can do a lot to save him.

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You can also help us nominate him on Airtel toching lives, see how to below…..

To help us nominate him use your airtel line to dial 367 or Sms to 397, this will close by October 9 2016.

This are the information needed below

Name: Adejola Adebisi Abdulhammed

Phone no : 07011862968

Email : adebisiadejola@gmail.com

Address : 1-5 oba akinjobi way, gra ikeja

Reason for nomination : KIDNEY TRANSPLANT


Visit : http://airteltouchinglives.com/nomintions-forum/

Social media : @airteltouchinglives

#saveadebisi #saveourfutureleaders


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