Nigeria is 56 today ! where are we going to, what do we need, what do we Need to improve our current economic situation ,how will change start with me …these are what i will be writting   in this article…..


What we need to conquer / stop

Firstly we have to believe and play our role/part,we need stop mocking the word “CHANGE” we should always belive that we voted PRESIDENT BAUHRI for change and he his going to give us what we want

  • Dispose refuse properly to prevent flooding when it rain, diseases and epidemic,do not throw waste out of a moving vehicle.
  • Stop bribery and corruptions, it kills our economy,it destroys our national values.
  • Do not cross the expressway use the pedestrian bridge ,it dangerous and also avoid untimely deaths.
  • Stop noise pollution it kills our sick peoples and disturb others.
  • To the sudents and leturers examination malpractice is also killing our education sector so we have to stop this .
  • Obey traffic laws you maybe endangering your life and others at the moment you disobey .
  • There many other things we do that are bad and poor i will advise us to stop all our bad and unlawful act .
  • Racism hatred of one another is also bad .
  • Killing of ourself ethnicity fight and all that are also bad.
  • Report any suspicious activity .
  • Call the nearby emergency numbers for any emergency.


┃┗┛ appy☆
┃┏┓┃ *New*☆
┗┛┗┛ *Month*☆

┃┗┛ appy☆
┃┏┓┃ *Independence*☆

It’ll be a month of step forward, leading you to new adventures, new roads to explore and new new success to reach.
Happy *O C T O B E R*



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