Davido you won’t let us hear word – linda ikeji’s driver blast davido.{Must Read}

Earlier today, linda ikeji made a post about the richest parent of instagram,see the post below  →↓

On Instagram, The Rich Kids of Instagram show off their extravagant lifestyles all thanks to their parents wealth. Now, their parents have joined them on social media to boast about their lavish lifestyles and wealth. They created their own account, The Rich Parents of Instagram. The account boasts of a collection of photos showing parents taking off on their private jets, displaying their expensive sports cars, gifting their children Rolex watches and brand new Lamborghinis and Ferraris etc. More photos after the cut…



Following this post are lots of comments some are praying for such riches and so on but there was a particular guy who called his self “linda driver” see the screen shots of his comment below……

Drop your comments below!

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