We have not been able to get the right people to do it for us – Doris Simeon Speak on why yoruba film’s are poorly subtitled



Nollywood actress Doris Simeon in a recent interview spoke about the poor subtitling of Nollywood films.


In the interview, Simeon explained that many Yoruba movies were poorly subtitled because of inadequate personnel, and also the hurry of producers to release movies.

In the interview, she also spoke about her relationship with ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan, as well as his new partner, Stella Damascus.

See excerpts from the interview below!


Do you regret being a single mother?

I have no regret at all. I have only learnt to be stronger. I thank God. My career and business are going on well. The only difference for me is that I don’t have to run home to cook for a husband. Life is still the same. I am normal with no problem. Life goes on.

Why are Yoruba films poorly subtitled?

We have not been able to get the right people to do it for us. Again, most of us are always in a hurry to send our movies to the market.

How often do you see your son who clocked eight recently?

He stays with his dad. I really don’t want to say much about this because we are still in court.

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?

I want to be closer to God and put God first in everything I do.

What’s your relationship with Stella Damasus?

I have no business with her.

If you are producing a movie, can you invite Stella Damasuc as one of the casts?

Yes, I can, after all, she is an actress and money is involved. I can do business with an enemy provided it is strictly business. Why her when I can always go for others?


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