Don Jazzy’s Reaction To Reports of Him “Running Away From Stage Reunion with DBanj”

Did Don-Jazzy shy-away or run-away from a memorable TV moment?

That’s the question that lingered in the hearts of those who witnessed the 60th birthday of Senator Ben Murray-Bruce from their seats at the Eko Hotel and suites or from their living rooms.

During the Friday/Saturday event, D’banj was performing on stage when the common sense Senator requested for Don Jazzy to also mount the stage to perform a song with his former Mo’hits partner/producer, Don Jazzy.



The Chairman of Silverbird Entertainment Group, pleaded: “Please do this for me, it is my birthday request.”



While the wait of a few minutes lasted, many in the hall opined that ace producer may have deliberately left the venue of Senator Bruce’s 60th birthday party so as not to perform with D’banj.

D’banj, in an effort to save himself from the embarrassing situation, made a promise to make sure to that a collaboration between himself and Don Jazzy, comes to fruition.

He responded, saying: “Sir, I have given serious consideration to this. Before I came on stage, I went to Don Jazzy and asked him to join me on stage.  If he (Don Jazzy) gives me a beat today, the song will be ready the next day

Don Jazzy has however taken to his twitter page to explain why he did what he did. See more below» 

IMG_20160221_072140_edit IMG_20160221_072136_edit IMG_20160221_072132_edit IMG_20160221_072115_edit Don-Jazzy-Bald-1




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