These 11 Photos Tell A Hilarious Nigerian Valentine Story .

The 14th of February is a big deal, packed with many stories that run the gamut from proposals to breakups. These photos tell an interesting Valentine story.

1. When it is the 12th of February and your bae hasn’t said anything about your valentine date.


2. When your man tries to pick up a fight with you before Valentine.

You muzzbe joking.

3. Then it’s the 13th and one girl tries to snatch your boo.

Karishika fall and die!

4. When you hear that your age mates are getting all expense paid romantic trips to Paris in this economy.


5. And you have to start explaining to your friends that you and bae are ‘staying low and building.’

Nene leakes hi haters

Henemies stay in your lane.

6. So you plan a contingency just in case he disappoints.

Nene leakess

Trust no one.

7. Valentine morning comes and no ‘I love you bae’ text message yet.


Is he breaking up with me?

8. Then the text comes and it can fill one foolscap sheet.Clapping crying

Oh me Gaaad.

9. And at the end of the message, he says ‘meet me at so-so place.’


Enemies scatter!

10. And bae is acting suspiciously and doesn’t want to remove his hand from his pocket.

Could this be the date with destiny.

11. And then he pulls it out.

b*****d baby.

And then you die.


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