Steve Harvey: Miss Universe error caused by “excitement of live TV,” organisers offer excuse

Sorry, you're not the winner: Miss Colombia is stripped of crown after two-minute reign.

Sorry, you’re not the winner: Miss Colombia is stripped of crown after two-minute reign.

Many of us live for that one moment. That moment when we attain that goal we’ve committed so much to reach. The joy of such moments is undescribable

Ariadna Gutierrez, Miss Colombia at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, had her moment Sunday night. Shockingly though, it lasted for only two minutes.

She had wiped away tears of joy as she was adorned with the Miss Universe crown after host, Steve Harvey, had announced her as the winner.

Blowing kisses and waving to her adoring fans, Gutierrez was informed, on live television, that the host read the results wrong.


Gutierrez was the first runner-up, not the winner.

So, on live television, Gutierrez bent down to allow former Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, to remove the crown from her head and place on Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines, who actually placed first.

Pia Alonzo couldn't believe it.

The actual winner, Pia Alonzo of the Philippines, couldn’t believe it.

It was indeed an embarrassing night for Harvey as he had to admit his own mistake to the teeming audience.

Folks, I have to apologise. The first runner-up is Colombia.

Gutierrez was on the wrong end of it though as her tears of joy soon turned into that of agony.

Harvey continued his apologies on Twitter after the show ended.

Also, the organisers of the pageant released the following statement in reaction to the mix-up.

The excitement of live TV was evident tonight on the Miss Universe stage with over 10 million live fan votes tabulated.
Unfortunately, a live telecast means that human error can come into play. We witnessed that tonight when the wrong winner was initially announced. Our sincerest apologies to Miss Universe Colombia, Miss Universe Philippines, their families and fans.
We congratulate Miss Universe Philippines as Miss Universe.

But how would Miss Colombia feel right now?


WATCH: “I’ve got to apologise,” Steve Harvey corrects Miss Universe error.


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